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A firm belief in the success of giving and sharing reinforced the launch of our company. We have built our organisation with this notion as a basis. Entrepreneurship demands passion, conviction and unswerving self belief. But above all it demands collaboration with your environment, co-creation and investment. Over the past decades we have become increasingly supportive of the Rijnland family run company. The ‘Rijnland’ adjective means we are convinced that entrepreneurship is about creation in a particular environment and where this environment comes first. Our maxim ‘family run company’ is proof positive of continuity and steadfastness, as well as clearly demonstrating that this company is not just about the bottom line.


As a family business with a long-term strategy, we value professional governance. Wiertz Family holds 100% of the shares of Wiertz Company, so we can fulfil our role as shareholder, organize supervision, and advise and take action remotely whenever required.

Wiertz Family brings together the founders Dionne Wiertz-Bück and Harm Wiertz, as well as their children Niklas, Martijn, and Willeke. With the next generation given a distinct role within the family business, they will play an increasingly important part over the coming years.

We are proud of the added value Wiertz Company offers people and work. Our mission is accomplished every time a jobseeker finds a new job and an employer welcomes a new colleague.

Dionne Wiertz-Bück
Harm Wiertz
Niklas Wiertz
Martijn Wiertz
Willeke Wiertz

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