What can we do for you?

We apply our wide knowledge and expertise to ensure companies or organisations continue to grow. Or, alternatively, just give them that extra little push in the right direction. Advising and connecting, that’s what it’s all about.

We’ll get organised to ensure your company is future proof; a simple but incredibly effective approach! With care, vigilance and respect for the philosophy underpinning your company or institution. To be and remain as close as possible to the operational process, we become a business partner; growth is best achieved in tandem.

Offering added value

With everything we do, the key question is: can Wiertz Family offer added value? If the answer is yes, then individuals or organisations can rely on us utilising our knowledge, our network and our exclusive tools for capital investment.

Contributing to Limburg’s growth

From before the start line to beyond the finish, we help companies and the society in which they operate to grow. If society is growing, everyone grows with it. We interpret growth not only in terms of increased turnover and profit, but also in terms of social return. As a result, our work contributes to economic activity and employment and supports the development of new products and services that are relevant and innovative.

Founder of Wiertz Company

Wiertz Family is 100% shareholder and founder of Wiertz Company: an impactful, internationally operating family business that actively connects people and work.

With its various labels and services, Wiertz Family has been successfully offering bespoke solutions and services to professionals, flexiworkers, and organizations for 25 years.

Harm Wiertz

Dionne Wiertz-Bück

Niklas Wiertz
E: n.wiertz@wiertz.com

Martijn Wiertz

Willeke Wiertz
E: w.wiertz@wiertz.com

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