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We can help you find the perfect business address. We can search business locations to match your wishes and requirements. Locations where Limburg’s local government agencies, estate agents, knowledge institutions and suppliers are all keen to do business.

Our partners

We work closely with a number of partners with whom we jointly develop projects to realise sustainable future perspectives. These partners include: Buro de Munck, Sentjens Vastgoed Advisering, Moonen Bouw, Rabobank, RSM, LWV, LIOF.

Ondernemershuis Bergstein1924, Wiertz Company House and Kantien van Tous

Wiertz Family operates as an estate agent throughout the Netherlands and also runs a number of multi-tenanted company premises. Examples include Ondernemershuis Bergstein1924 and Wiertz Company House. We will be opening a new addition in spring 2018 featuring catering facilities; the ‘Kantien van Tous’.

More information regarding these projects is available on the websites below:

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