Wiertz Foundation

Wiertz Foundation was set up on 13 June 2006 with the mission to give back to the society in which Wiertz Company operates. We support local charities, offer financial support to volunteer projects, and cooperate with various local partners.

The foundation fulfills its mission in various ways, including:

• collecting funds;
• cooperating with local authorities;
• supporting and organizing projects and activities;
• building up and maintaining a broad base of support;
• Wiertz Foundation receives an annual donation from Wiertz Company, which is the foundation’s main source of income.

Work and culture as cornerstones

In the coming years, Wiertz Foundation wants to focus on two areas: work and culture. We specifically want to stimulate work and volunteering as well as promote culture and cultural education. Since its founding, Wiertz Company has dedicated a great deal of attention to people in work and self-employment. People can develop their talents in countless ways.

Promoting employment and voluntary work among target groups that could benefit from support, with a specific theme each year: the promotion of culture and cultural education.

More than just collecting and distributing money

Wiertz Foundation’s role goes beyond collecting and distributing funds – it also aims to foster close cooperation with local authorities. Besides this, Wiertz Foundation initiates its own projects and activities.

Ensuring active participation relies on having direct contact with the people and companies around us. Without involvement and engagement, Wiertz Foundation cannot provide structural support. Active participation from Wiertz Company employees is needed to develop the policy intention of Corporate Social Responsibility into an everyday working practice. Wiertz Foundation therefore strives to be in regular contact with its employees, clients, and flexiworkers who work via one of the Wiertz Company divisions.

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